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“We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how about you”

The Officers and members of the John H. Enders Fire Company and Rescue Squad are proud to place in service their new Ford Road Rescue Medic/Ambulance.  This unit was ordered in August of 2019.  Due to the pandemic production was delayed for five months.  The purchase of this $263,000 unit was made possible after receiving an 80/20 % Grant from the Virginia Rescue Squad Assistance fund.  Even with this grant it required $75,000 in local matching funds.  Chief JC Blaylock stated that after seeing different color schemes it was decided to show our Clarke County spirit and Eagle Pride.  If you are from Clarke County you will know the school pride song, “Let’s give a cheer for the ORANGE & BLUE”.  Recently Athletic Director and Football Coach Casey Childs, was contacted to show the team coaches our Eagle Pride.  Other special features of this new unit are a power load cot system which reduces the chance of back injuries to the fire & rescue personnel as they will not be doing as much lifting of the cot and the patient when being transported.  Also, equipped with blue LED lights in the patient area to provide more comfort for migraine headache or head injury patients.  The curbside door was moved forward which provides more privacy for the patient and better crash protection for the attendants should the unit be involved in an accident.  The unit also has a new enlarged reflective graphics scheme for enhanced safety and visibility on the road.  This unit replaced a ten-year-old unit with over 150,000 miles.

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John H Enders Fire & Rescue Company recently received $2000 from The Power of Change for our new Junior Volunteer Firefighter Program. The Power of Change receives its funding from REC members who volunteer to have their electric bill rounded-up to the next highest whole dollar. If Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) provides your power, we ask that you consider supporting The Power of Change to help others in need. Once enrolled, the extra change from your electric bill will be dedicated to charitable causes. Members can sign up by visiting REC's website (http://www.thepowerofchange.org) or by calling 800-552-3904 for more information. The average member contribution is approximately $6.00 per year and is tax deductible. An annual statement of your charitable contribution will be mailed to you.